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Contact Akhurst Consulting for operational and project support or longer term interim managers in :

  • Commercial, Pricing, and Marketing strategies and their effective operational delivery
  • Research, insights, segmentation, Product Development:  Market-led and Evidence-based approaches
  • Brand and Product Marketing management
  • Online marketing, sales, digital engagement and social media strategies & campaigns
  • Product and Brand extension:  concept, validation, launch.
  • Propositions, innovation, design and development
  • Negotiations, Joint Ventures and Partnerships
  • Transformation, organisational change management, evolution and re-positioning
  • Go-to-market plans, launches, re-launches, competitor responses and range expansion
  • Clear and effective marketing campaigns with verified ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Customer experience and CRM design and improvement
  • Hands on delivery and implementation - in person or in teams of any size
  • Regulated industry pricing and compliance - competition and customer focus
  • Sales and Customer presentations and all forms of collateral materials
  • Strategy, segmentation, insights, forecasting, planning, review and reporting
  • Market, competitor and portfolio opportunity analysis
  • Commercial model selection and optimisation
  • Gap-Closure programmes
  • Funding strategies; plans, presentations and agreements with venture capital and angel investors

 We have wide experience having worked in all the following sectors:

  • Education:  From Elite Business Schools to the UK's largest and most diverse University
  • Technology : Serving telecoms, mobile, internet, broadband, converged services and cloud software
  • Social media: Location based audio blogging, chatter tools, salesforce.com apps, mobile advertising
  • Consumer goods : Handheld devices, accessories, tools and fittings, iPhone and Android Apps
  • Services :  Travel, information, social media, blogging, internal communications, news and reporting
  • Public sector:  Governance, Regulation, accessibility, stakeholder groups, MP's and parliamentary meetings
  • Start-ups to Global PLC's, Zero to £4bn annual revenue
  • General Commercial, Marketing, Pricing and Strategy advice, expertise and implementation
  • Interim Management, Contract and project resource


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